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Spanish Classes for Healthcare in San Jose

Our Spanish for Healthcare Emphasis is designed to train physician's office staff in San Jose in functional Spanish language skills to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients in an effective manner and reduce the risk of malpractice.

Our Spanish for healthcare course will proof of great value, whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Hospital Technician, Physical Therapist, Family Practitioner or Medical Administrator.

With our course, our proprietary teaching materials developed in house, and the guidance of one of our native Spanish speaking instructors you will be able to replicate all of the most critical situations you may face while communicating with patients. You will engage in real Spanish conversations and get instant feedback.

Conditioned to your unique needs, this fully personalized Spanish training course could include:

  • patient registration

  • taking patient's history

  • determining chief complaint

  • diagnosis

  • laboratory procedures

  • explaining and performing treatments

  • follow-up procedures


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