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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Method for Spanish Classes in San Jose

Do you use any material?

Yes. All of our teaching material has been developed by our Academics Department and is accessible online by our students and Spanish tutors. This material includes a syllabus that will cover topics related to the emphasis you showed interest on, Spanish grammar guides, role plays, conversations, multimedia material and much more.

We do not use text books or grammar books. Grammar books are normally not good tools to learn a language. Most of them are too long, impractical and confusing. They can sometimes be used, though, as reference to clarify ideas. Our online student center, in contrast, is much better simply because it covers what you need to use in most conversations in very simple terms.


How much extra does learning material cost?

Teaching material is accessible by our current students at no extra charge through our site. On there students will be able to access all material to be used in class and additional resources to complement your face-to-face instruction with some self-studying at home. Students will be able to generate printouts of this material 24x7.


Can you send me a sample of a syllabus at my level?

Unfortunately not. To safeguard our intellectual property, only our current students have access to our proprietary teaching material. Just like all of them, you will have access to it at no extra cost once you enroll for any of our courses.

If after you are given access to this material you believe that it will not add the value that you were expecting, you will be entitled to requesting a full refund provided that you notify our office of this request by email within the following 48 hours after you had your first session. You may also request to be transferred to a higher or lower level if needed.

In order to provide you with some detail, though, material for each of the 9 levels of our course for Everyday Conversation for example includes 16 chapters, each with a specific vocabulary set and grammar structure with which you will be working on with the help of your tutor.

Main objectives for each of our levels can be found here.


Do Spanish classes only focus on conversation?

Most of our Spanish classes focus on developing your conversational skills without losing attention to reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Some private classes may instead focus on any of these other skills as per the request of the student.


What would a typical Spanish class look like?

Our Spanish classes are very practical and conducted almost entirely in Spanish using a speech that gently increases in complexity, speed and sophistication so that you can get the feeling that you are understanding almost everything that the tutor is saying. You will learn to speak in Spanish in a context that considers your unique needs, interests and prior knowledge simply because we know students will learn faster when they are paying attention to something they care about.

Our Spanish classes focus mainly on developing your speaking and listening skills because this is precisely what interests most of our students. Having said so, attention is also given to develop all other skills of the language such as reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Of course we could also focus exclusively on any specific skills if that is what you are looking for.

You will be using Spanish in engaging exercises and activities that will prepare you to communicate with confidence in any situation. When a weakness or problem area is identified, your native Spanish speaking tutor will take the time to explain the theory you need to know to overcome that weakness.


Why don't you focus on grammar?

Most of our Spanish students are mostly interested in improving their speaking abilities. We strongly believe that this objective is not achieved in short time by paying too much attention to grammar. It is indeed grammar what makes most people lose confidence while speaking.

The idea is that there is only a limited amount of time to be exposed to the language. Studying grammar would distract you from your ultimate objective.

Our method is deductive. You practice in class using the target language in role plays, dialogues, conversations and presentations that address your topics of interest... and then stop to review the grammar/areas that your tutor identified as areas of opportunity for improvement. Grammar, therefore, is analyzed only when specific mistakes are made. That way you learn it within a context so that you can recall what you learn easier.




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