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Netflix TV Shows in Spanish

To practice your listening comprehension skills and have fun at the same time look for these amazing TV series on Netflix.

Note that some of these series may ocasionally have strong language or content more appropriate for mature audiences [TV-MA]. If sharing this page with your children, make sure that your parental controls are set in your Netflix account.

Learning Spanish through watching TV series can offer several advantages that contribute to effective language acquisition:

  1. Authentic Conversations: TV series provide authentic dialogue in natural, everyday situations. Exposure to real-life conversations helps learners grasp colloquial expressions, slang, and conversational nuances that may not be present in formal language resources.

  2. Cultural Context: TV series often depict the cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries, offering insights into customs, traditions, and societal norms. Understanding cultural context enhances language comprehension and cultural awareness.

  3. Diverse Accents and Dialects: Spanish TV series showcase a variety of accents and dialects from different regions. Exposure to diverse linguistic variations helps learners adapt to different Spanish-speaking communities and improves overall language flexibility.

  4. Visual Context and Non-Verbal Communication: Watching TV series allows learners to observe facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal cues, aiding in a deeper understanding of communication. This visual context reinforces language comprehension.

  5. Entertaining and Engaging: Learning Spanish through TV series can be enjoyable and entertaining, making the language acquisition process more engaging. Enjoying the content motivates learners to stay consistent in their language learning journey.

  6. Vocabulary Expansion: TV series cover a wide range of topics and scenarios, introducing learners to diverse vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. This exposure contributes to a richer and more varied vocabulary.

  7. Improves Listening Skills: Listening is a crucial component of language learning. TV series provide opportunities to improve listening skills by exposing learners to various accents, speeds of speech, and different voices.

While watching TV series can be a valuable tool for language learning, it's essential to complement it with other methods like interactive language practice, reading, and grammar studies for a well-rounded language education.

  1. Choose a series that you think you will enjoy and watch it daily (pace yourself and consider it a daily treat to watch just one episode)

  2. Use subtitles if needed (in Spanish or in your native language) but set it up so that you hear the audio in Spanish

  3. Dedicate your full attention to watching the show

  4. Consider watching the same show again without subtitles this time (or with subtitles in Spanish if needed)

  5. Write a short summary in Spanish about the episode you just watched

  6. Be ready to talk about it in Spanish in class with your tutor and peers

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