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Spanish Classes for Teens

In this program SpanishBlackbelt is in charge of your teens' entire Spanish education. In addition to providing the practice needed to aid retention, our Spanish classes also provide the opportunity to develop a higher level of thinking skills as it aims at teaching how to use the language creatively.

Mainly focused on improving speaking and listening skills while still working on more traditional skills such as reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary adquisition, our method allows teens to progress at their own pace and to develop strong skills that lead to increase their confidence. Students prove that they have mastered a concept or skill by using it several times, with an accuracy of 80% or more. When a student demonstrates this kind of proficiency, he or she can progress to the next level. Our Spanish Classes Program is composed of 9 conversational belt levels ranging from white (complete beginner) to black (ultimate Spanish master).

Your teen will be using a syllabus covering topics appropriate to his/her age and interests. This syllabus will be used in conjunction with proprietary study materials accesible online at no extra cost. These study materials will allow your teen to learn concepts while facing simulated situations on which knowing these concepts will proof useful. Study materials will also include online quizzes and multimedia applications that will allow to complement your teen's face-to-face instruction with self-studying at home.

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