Small group Spanish students

Small group (semi-private) Spanish classes over Zoom

(4 students per class on average)
Class format only available for adults and teens over 16


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  • Small Group Spanish classes over Zoom currently have an amazingly small size of four students on average, a size that allows you to put your conversational skills into practice intensively in each session.
  • To see a list of small groups currently scheduled please click here.

  • Our Spanish small group sessions over Zoom will focus on developing your conversational skills, speaking and listening, while still helping you improve in all other skills of the language: reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary acquisition.
  • Our group sessions will also be professionally guided so that you don't just practice speaking Spanish with native speakers but have real improvement that will take you to the next levels.

  • You focus on studying Conversational Spanish at one of ten different levels of Spanish proficiency

  • Sharing classes with a small group of other highly motivated students is a great way to expand your knowledge of Spanish and expand your personal network.

  • Practicing in a group matched by ability can be comforting and inspirational because you see other students working through the same language challenges you are tackling. It also helps everyone to learn from each other’s mistakes. Other non-native speakers understand what you are accomplishing and have lots of patience as you speak because, believe it or not, they’re gaining just as much from listening to you as you are from practicing speaking.

  • You will meet face-to-face with your other classmates and your tutor live online without needing to commute far away from where you live.
  • Your sessions will start at a specific date and time and will run for 8 weeks. You will be meeting once a week on a regular two-hour session each week, most commonly on either a weeknight or a weekend class.
  • To take most advantage of our Spanish program, you should reserve at least another 2 hours of your own time every week to study what is covered in each session, do your suggested at-home activities with the help of our online student center accessible 24x7 at no extra cost, and prepare for your following class.
  • Once class starts we will not allow other students to join to avoid distractions and to make sure all progress at the same pace.
  • Despite having covered all the required material, you will still need to successfully pass the next belt level examination to be granted that next belt level.

  • Small group Spanish classes over Zoom are custom-designed to quickly lead you to Spanish proficiency while sharing the fun - and cost - with few other students.
  • Upon registration, you will be provided with access to a course syllabus and most of the learning material to be used in class through our online student center at no extra cost. On this online center you will be able to generate printouts and access extra material to complement your classes. You will not be required to buy any other learning materials, unless desired.
  • There are no hidden registration or application fees. You will only pay the price for the class you choose to join when you are ready to secure a spot.
  • To find the price for any specific group, please click here.

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