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Spanish Classes for Construction in Tampa

Our Spanish for Construction Emphasis provides you with speaking and listening skills you need to communicate with your Hispanic construction workers in Tampa. Better communication will then translate into more productivity and less defects and/or accidents, which will in turn translate into more returns and less liability. Throughout all of our Spanish course you will be interacting with one of our experienced instructors, a native Spanish speaker, role playing many of the situations you may encounter in a real workday, and analyzing the logic, structure and vocabulary that you need to know in order to speak, understand and be understood.

Complement our Spanish for Everyday Conversation course with this Spanish emphasis and learn how to interact with Hispanic construction workers while:

Spanish for Construction
  • greeting employees

  • explaining rules and safety regulations

  • managing shifts

  • giving instructions during different construction stages

  • handling tools and machinery

  • asking questions and understanding responses

  • recruiting and training employees


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