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Spanish for Sales and Customer Service in Atlanta

Our Spanish for Sales and Customer Service Emphasis provides business people in Atlanta with immediate access to functional Spanish language skills. You will learn how to address the most important Spanish commands, questions, and phrases pertinent to daily transactions.

Whether you work in a bank, a real estate firm or a government agency, our Spanish for sales and customer service emphasis will help you better communicate with your Hispanic clients. Better communication will then translate into more sales and satisfied customers.

Throughout all of our Spanish course you will be interacting with one of our experienced instructors, a native Spanish speaker, role playing many of the situations you may encounter in a real workday, and analyzing the logic, structure and vocabulary that you need to know in order to speak, understand and be understood.

Complement our Spanish for Everyday Conversation course with this Spanish emphasis and learn how to interact with Hispanics while:

Sales and Customer Service
  • servicing your customers

  • selling to the hispanic market

  • traveling overseas

  • engaging in a foreign market

  • repositioning your products or services

  • managing objections


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