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Spanish Over FaceTime

Our Spanish classes conducted live over FaceTime allow us to make our unique language training and proprietary teaching methodology available to those students who, for a variety of reasons, cannot physically attend classes. Our students are now able to attend live Spanish classes over FaceTime wherever they are, and whenever the classes fit their busy schedules. Classes are not prerecorded. You and your tutor will meet live at the pre-agreed times and days.

Our Spanish classes conducted live over FaceTime are particularly valuable to students who are always on the go, already have an Apple product, and enjoy using FaceTime to video chat with their friends and family members.

We conduct private one-on-one Spanish classes and private small group Spanish classes through the FaceTime platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your assigned native Spanish tutor will call you over FaceTime at a designated time that will be pre-arranged, and then you start your live and interactive session.

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  • Both you and your tutor will see, speak, and listen to each other in real time.

  • You can complement your conversations or talk about different topics in each class by following the syllabus that we have put together in our online student center to complement your Spanish classes.

You can learn how to use FaceTime by

  • You can connect to FaceTime from your iphone or any other Apple device such as a Mac computer, laptop or tablet.

  • A benefit of connecting from your iphone is that you can switch between WIFI and broadband access to find the best possible connection wherever you are.

  • If you do not own an Apple product, you will not be able to use FaceTime. Consider any of the other online learning platforms available.
You do not need to install FaceTime in your device. If you have an iphone, a Mac computer or any other Apple device, the FaceTime app is already installed and ready to use.
The quality of a video conference call through FaceTime is great.
There won't be any extra charges for live classes over FaceTime. FaceTime is an application developed by Apple free to use. :) However, if you are using your phone and your cellular plan has a limits in its broadband use, either monitor your limits or make sure to switch to WIFI when using the application.
No problem. You can instead use any of the other online platforms that we also use, such as:


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