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Amanda, a superb native Spanish tutor!


Greetings! Amanda is a bilingual Spanish and English speaker with roots in the United States and a background that led her to grow up in Mexico. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Woodbury University.

Prior to joining SpanishBlackbelt, Amanda worked as an interpreter, translator, and Spanish tutor, accumulating experience in specific areas such as legal, medical, and marketing fields.

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Amanda specializes in teaching Spanish to adults, teenagers, and organizations. Her approach extends beyond just teaching the language; she is passionate about connecting with her students, immersing them in Hispanic culture, and providing them with the skills to communicate confidently and fluently.

Whether you are looking to improve your Spanish for career advancement, travel, or simply for the love of the language and culture, Amanda will be dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals effectively and enjoyably. She looks forward to meeting you soon!

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Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt ''She was kind and understanding, as well as motivating and engaging!''

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