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*(1) In each dropdown, please select the statement that best describes your current Spanish language abilities:

a. In terms of my current fluency in Spanish, I speak...

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If you have studied Spanish before, please answer all of these specific questions. They help us verify that you are placed at the right level. Providing incomplete information may cause processing delays or even a rejection to your application. If you feel that this is too much information to share or it takes too much of your time, please reconsider whether this is the right time for you to work on your Spanish. If you have some functional verbal or written knowledge of Spanish, please try to answer these answers in Spanish as much as you can, without using an online translator.

If you are applying for a class at an intermediate level or above (Green Belt or higher), please DO NOT answer these questions in English. Use Spanish only.

(2) Briefly describe your current level and prior Spanish learning experiences

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