Out of abundance of caution all of our Spanish classes are being conducted live online. We are not offering classes in person for the time being. This is for the protection of both our teachers and students. You can learn more about our Spanish classes live online here.

Despite vaccinations and boosters (protection offered by some of these unsufficient or dwindling down faster than others), Covid-19 tests, and mask use, it is still not safe to conduct one-on-one classes in person at this time due to the droplets and aerosol risk of either you or your tutor getting infected over prolonged periods of time talking in front of one another. Wearing a mask also makes it difficult being able to hear your new language properly.

If you are not willing to have your Spanish classes live online, please DO NOT apply yet.

We do not expect to conduct classes in person until the first semester of 2023 at the earliest as we look to safely address the current shortage of tutors, the social distance requirements, and the maximum capacity limits of meeting venues.


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If instead, you are applying for a different class format or you are requesting an Spanish instructor for a different age bracket, or for your organization, please click here .

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