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Spanish Classes for Adults

Adults learn foreign languages differently than kids or teens do. It would be a mistake, for example, to assume that you could learn Spanish with the same methods, material and with the same type of tutors that kids can learn from.

Through simple repetition, kids learn mostly by being exposed to a foreign language in a process that seems to be natural and effortless. Adults, in contrast, learn more by understanding the logic of the language first and then by putting the foreign language into practice as much as they can. Our Spanish language school does this by engaging you in role plays that replicate situations that you would encounter while trying to speak in Spanish either while exploring a Spanish speaking country, or here in Jacksonville while interacting with a hispanic neighbor.

We understand too that the interests of adults are different than those of teens and kids and interact with you accordingly. By matching you with native Spanish tutors with the right charisma, mindset and focus on adult education, we get you on the right foot on your journey to become a Spanish speaker while engaging in activities and working on learning material that can allow you to focus on what it is most important to you, whether that means interacting with prospective Latino clients, better communicating with your newly extended hispanic family, enjoying feeling more connected to new friends, or getting the most out of that travel to Latin America or Spain that you have been planning for so long.

We understand that you may enjoy to be flexible at times and more structured at others. Our abundance of learning material will allow you to have the flexibility to choose where you want to focus on while our structured program will ensure that you keep progressing and that you are always being challenged at the right level. Our native Spanish tutors in Jacksonville are trained to always keep well in mind your uniqueness of background, goals, learning style and needs while helping you overcome any learning barriers that you may have hit before or while providing you with more than sufficient opportunity to acquire your Spanish language skills at the pace that makes most sense to you.

Adults typically work 9am to 5pm so many need to have classes at nights or on weekends. It is for this reason that we also offer different class formats so that you can get to choose the one that works best for your busy schedule.


Please choose the class format that adapts best to your specific needs

Is it possible to learn Spanish as an adult?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to learn Spanish as an adult just like I am learning English as one! While it is true that children are sponges when learning a new language, reasoning and interest can help adults learn a new language in a more efficient way.

Watch this video to find out more!

Spanish classes for adults



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