All of our Spanish classes in your city are being conducted live online due to Covid logistical disruptions. We are no longer offering classes in person in your city. You can learn more about our Spanish classes live online here.

If you are not willing to have your Spanish classes live online, please DO NOT apply.

Spanish Classes for students living in Tacoma, WA

At SpanishBlackbelt, you can choose to have classes all by yourself or with a small group of friends. Private classes are great because you can focus on what you need the most help with. But we also have small group classes, which we lable semi-private, where you can practice with other students and make new friends while learning. Don't worry, the groups are really small, so you'll get plenty of attention.

The two formats of Spanish classes for students living in Tacoma, conducted either live online or in person, are as follows...

Private Spanish classes

Ideal for students with unique learning needs

Adults and Teens 13 and Up; younger students accepted if accompanied by a parent

  • You will be prompted to select your age group and type of private class on the next screens.

Semi-private small group Spanish classes

Ideal for students that want to meet others and/or share costs

Adults and Teens 16 and Up; ONLY available live online.

  • The application form for semi-private small group classes will show right next to each group listing.

Watch this video playlist to learn more about our class formats!


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