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Payment/financing center

  • To pay for a class or apply for financing, you may choose your preferred payment/financing method from the ones listed below.

  • If you have never before submitted an application to study Spanish with us, please send this application first.

  • We will send your enrollment or renewal confirmation (including all details relevant to your classes) within 2 business days after your tuition payment is received.


Payment/financing methods

You may click on the blue button below "Pay Now" and manually enter the net amount to be paid (quoted price minus discount, or special net price, if offered).

Spanish Classes by SpanishBlackbelt

Spanish Classes by SpanishBlackbelt

Pay now


To securely submit your tuition online, please follow these steps:

  1. If you have gotten a discount offer via email, or our online student center, and it is still valid, deduct that discount from our quoted gross amount displayed on Acceptance email (if you cannot find that email, you can find our current list prices here).

  2. Enter your name and NET amount to pay (quote minus discount, or special net price if offered) and click button of your preferred method of payment.
  1. Paypal will send you an automatic receipt by email shortly after.

If you are familiar with Quickbooks, we can email you an electronic invoice through Quickbooks. You could then just pay by clicking on it.

If you would like to choose this option, just send us your request via email, or reply to any of the emails that you may have received from us.

You may also pay by check.

Please make check to Growing Fields LLC (DBA SpanishBlackbelt) and mail it to:

Growing Fields LLC (DBA SpanishBlackbelt)
1762 T St. NW
Washington DC 20009

If you have gotten a discount offer via email and it is still valid, deduct that discount from our quoted amount (if you did not get a quote, you can find our current list prices here).

Please make sure that your check is to be received at least 10 business days prior to the start of your desired sessions. Your enrollment information email will be sent within 2 business days after your check is processed. If you need faster processing, please consider submitting your tuition through any of the other options listed above.

Cash and money orders are NOT accepted. Please accept our apologies for this limitation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Online Payments


To submit your tuition, please:

1) Select your preferred online payment method

2) Replace the zero amount by the net amount being paid (get the gross amount from your acceptance or renewal innvitation email; please deduct any applicable discounts off the gross amount due, if any); press update

3) Enter your credit card information

4) Follow the prompts until you get the receipt on your screen

Your enrollment confirmation will be sent within 2 business days after your tuition is received. :)

PayPal uses the latest technology (SSL) and proprietary procedures to protect the security of its members transactions. In addition, when you send a payment using PayPal, we won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.

Also, Paypal will protect your purchase so that if you feel that we have not honored our commitment, you can request them directly your full money back. You can learn more about Paypal's buyers protection here .

PayPal is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. When you send or request money using PayPal, we never learn your bank account numbers or credit card numbers. We only see your email address, date of sign-up, and whether you have completed PayPal's verification process.

PayPal will prompt you to create an account with them or use your Paypal login information if you have used Paypal before. You do not need to create a new account if you do not want to, though. Just select DON'T HAVE PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO ENTER CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD INFORMATION DIRECTLY.

If your transaction is over $4,000, Paypal may force you to sign up for a Paypal account for security reasons. If you are not comfortable with this please pay by phone, via Square, or purchase a smaller hour package at this time.

If by any chance the Buy Now button or Paypal site are not working, please try ann alternative payment method or call us.



Thank you for your service to our country. Please feel free to deduct 5% off your payment due and submit the resulting net amount. Right after, please reply to your acceptance email with proof of your military status.

We offer volume discounts when purchasing more than one level upfront. You can access our prices for any number of levels purchased upfront on our site .

If you are a current student, you may find other discounts available on our online student center.

Besides this, please remember that any student taking one-on-one classes can have a friend or significant other join him in his classes for free.



In the event that your expectations were not met in any way, you will be entitled to receive a full refund, even after having had your first session, provided that you notify us with at least a 24 hour notice prior to your scheduled second session.

Past that deadline...

  • in the case of private sessions, you will only be entitled to partial refunds for the part that corresponds to sessions not considered used yet. Classes not used within your allocated number of weeks will be lost (considered used). Classes canceled with less than a 24-hour notice will also be lost. If you attended at least three classes already there will be a cancellation fee of $49.
  • in the case of small group sessions assembled by SpanishBlackbelt, there will be no refunds for the first level you have already started. If you purchased multiple levels upfront, you will still be entitled to a full refund for the levels not yet started.

In fairness, volume discounts that you earned because of buying multiple levels upfront will be lost for what corresponds to the number of levels that you will not be completing.

You could also request a change of tutors, or groups, if needed.

All of our tutors are very effective and likable though so we believe that a scenario in which a student is not satisfied with his tutor's teaching is very unlikely.

At the checkout section on the top of this page, select the option Afterpay or Pay Later if in need for financing of the minimum purchase size of 16 hours.

  • If you were given a quote for multiple levels, please note that an alternative is to purchase a smaller number of levels.
  • If you applied for one-on-one classes but the price looks too high for you at this time, consider instead joining one of our semi-private small group classes here.

You can certainly purchase a reduced-price 55-minute sample session for $49. This class will be considered a stand-alone class, and will not be counted as part of the levels that you are interested in purchasing. Payment in full for the total quoted amount would still need to be received prior to starting regular classes.

To purchase this sample session, you can enter the $49 fee through the payment options above.

Please make sure that your payment is submitted at least 7 days ahead of your desired session.

Your confirmation for this sample session will be sent within 2 business days after your tuition is received.

On this sample session, you will have the chance to:

  1. meet your Spanish tutor, and

  2. familiarize yourself with our Spanish program, teaching materials and methods

For their peace of mind, new students will also have the chance to request a full refund, after having their first regular class, if they think our Spanish program is not compatible with their needs. Students can communicate this request via email within the following 48 hours after their first class. After this deadline they will only be entitled to partial refunds that would correspond to the number of hours not yet used. Sessions missed without proper minimum 24-hour notice would be considered used.

Unfortunately down payments are not accepted. It is therefore not possible to reserve a time slot or a spot in one of our classes until tuition for at least one full level of instruction has been received.

If it is not possible to submit your full tuition right now, consider selecting Afterpay or Pay Later on the online payment options above.

If needed, consider alternatively funding your classes through credit card debt. All major credit cards are accepted at this time.

Note that although you can wait until approximately five days prior to the start of the classes to submit your tuition, our prices quoted are only valid for 5 days, and that past this deadline, prices may increase, or the time slot you are now interested in may no longer be available.

If submitting your tuition after the next 5 days, please refer to our site for the current price that would apply to the format that you are mostly interested in:

Your enrollment information email will be sent within 2 business days after your tuition is received.

Thank you for your service. It is our understanding that the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Veteran Affairs Benefits are mainly geared toward students wanting to pursue a degree-producing program such as the one offered by a college or university. It can be anything from an associate's degree all the way up to a doctorate degree, but it generally will not pay for a non-degree standalone course, such as the one provided by a language school.

Certainly. We provide the following two options:

  • For all payments made online, you will receive an instant receipt via email.

  • If this is not enough, you can request a more formal paid receipt after submitting your tuition.

Yes! We can also issue an invoice on your name or the name of your organization and then we can send it to you and you can forward it to them so that they can pay us directly (spot in the class will be secured, and enrollment will be sent only after funds are received).

Your organization can pay us online or by check. Please note that although online payments take only up to 2 business days for processing, payment by check can take up to 2 weeks.

If needed or requested, we can issue you a certificate of course completion upon successfully passing the course. If you fail, we can also issue you a letter of course participation if that helps you get reimbursed by your employer.

Although paying online can be much quicker,if preferred you can handle us your credit card information over the phone.

To do so, please call our headquarters office at 202-627-0722. Have your credit card and billing address information ready. If directed to voicemail, please leave us a message with your contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will send your enrollment or renewal confirmation within 2 business days after your payment is processed.



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