Out of Budget?

Find here some tips that can help you make the Spanish sessions in Zoom more affordable:



Get Paypal financing.

The minimum payment currently accepted is one level (16 hours). Although we do not provide students with financial aid directly, when submitting your tuition thorough our payment center you can select the option "Paypal Credit" that Paypal offers.

If you qualify, they can finance your classes so that you can pay them 6 months from now with no interest.

If needed, consider also funding your classes through credit card debt. All major credit cards are accepted at this time.

Have your employer pay for your training!

Consider asking your employer to pay your tutoring fees. Your organization may consider expenses in our tutoring services to be tax deductible up to the limits the law stipulates.

Don't forget to mention them that if you attend Spanish classes during regular business hours (anytime between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday) you will benefit from a lower fee.

Suggest your employer to ask us develop a Spanish tutoring program in house.

We can customize our Spanish tutoring sessions to your organization needs. Click here to learn more.


Search for conversational Spanish small group sessions, our most affordable class format if you are joining by yourself.

Click here to see if there are small group classes available.


Have Classes Live Online

If meeting in person with your tutor is impractical or not that affordable for you at this time, consider having classes more affordable Spanish Classes live online. You will see, hear, talk and write in real time with your tutor from the convenience of your home or office. Learn more...


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