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Our Spanish tutors are the cream of the crop!
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Our Spanish institute is member of well-recognized language associations!
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Our reliability is certified by the Better Business Bureau!
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Our levels have concrete objectives!
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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
You will get a full refund if not fully satisfied with your first session

Our Spanish sessions offer unique benefits
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Our Spanish students are satisfied
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You can try our sessions risk free
Contact us to schedule a reduced-price 55-minute test ride before committing to a whole term

To receive a sample session at a cafe you are required to (1) submit an application indicating that you require a sample session and (2) send one-time advanced payment for:

  • $49 if meeting online or at a cafe, OR

  • $79 if meeting at your home or office.

To avoid distractions, we do not allow prospective students to attend any of the group sessions we assemble on a trial basis. You, however, can request to have a one-on-one or a self-assembled sample session

Our Spanish school is known in the neighborhood!
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