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What Our Students Say They Love About Our Native Spanish Tutors

Key Benefits

SpanishBlackbelt is perfect for people who really want to learn Spanish but haven't had much success before. It's also great for those who need Spanish for traveling or work, for new students who want to learn but don't know where to start, for people who want practice that fits their needs, for those who forgot a lot since they last learned Spanish somewhere else, and for people who can read and write Spanish but need help speaking it better.

These testimonials attest to this...

''She's very approachable and encouraging. She is able to explain the logic behind spanish and the differences between spanish and english. She is aware of my language level and rarely speaks too fast or too slow. She is always reachable.'' Jan 02 2006

''He listend to my concerns and needs and adjusted the course accordingly.'' Dec 28 2005

''I appreciated the opportunity to converse in Spanish for almost all of the time during the sessions. My tutor would correct my mistakes but did not do so in a way that was intrusive or that made speaking difficult.'' Dec 24 2005

''motivating. '' Dec 20 2005

''Very good a conversation.'' Dec 20 2005

''She tried to ensure that the course was practical and relevant to my learning needs. '' Dec 20 2005

''Constantino involves participants in a variety of learning methods. This keeps the class fresh and interesting. He is also very flexible in addressing issues that arise but are not necessarily part of the original lesson plan. This session in particular, he has focused on keeping us "on track" by not letting us stray into English for very long.'' Dec 15 2005

''Ana is very personable and does not talk down to me in Spanish. This helps me see what a real conversation will be like. We talk about complex things even though I do not have the language skills to do it well.'' Dec 06 2005

''professional, patient, and responsible She explained things well and was always pleasant to deal with.'' Dec 05 2005

''Inma was good at finding out what we wanted to know and helping us learn it. She also did a combination of formal instruction and informal conversation which I liked. '' Dec 02 2005

''I loved the fact that Ana did not speak perfect English. It enhanced my awareness to listen carefully and to study harder (before each session) so that we both can communicate with each other. In other words, if I didn't make the extra effort to communicate in Spanish I wasn't going to be coaxed by the tutor which would make it easier but I probably would not have retain as much as I did. Being tutored under Ana was like my own mini immersion course.'' Dec 01 2005

''Used an interesting mix of exercises to learn spanish'' Dec 01 2005

''Luis is very personable and willing to tailor the course for us. He is very accommodative for our times and places. It is a lot of fun learning with him.'' Nov 28 2005

''While Inma did challenge me, we also had fun and laughed, so I was less stressed about the somewhat daunting task of trying to learn a new language.'' Nov 15 2005

''First, she is a wonderful person. She is really nice and helpful with everything. The grammar she taught really helped, as well. She clarified many aspects of the subjunctive for me. I also felt she was very well prepared and always planned activities, discussions, and grammar exercises for her.'' Nov 14 2005

''She was very helpful and understanding.'' Nov 13 2005

''Ana always met me on-time and was very polite. She made sure I was always comfortable in our sessions. It was the most beneficial that she would correct me in my speech (which is my most difficult area) and explain why.'' Nov 12 2005

''She corrected me while I spoke. We talked about current topics with words I will likely use a lot in conversation. '' Nov 11 2005

''She was able to make me feel at ease when I wasn't sure about my speaking abilities. I wasn't afraid to make mistakes while attempting the different exercises. I was surprised and impressed that I knew more than what I thought I knew and vice versa.'' Nov 10 2005

''She was able to make me feel at ease when I wasn't sure about my speaking abilities. I wasn't afraid to make mistakes while attempting the different exercises. I was surprised and impressed that I knew more than what I thought I knew and vice versa.'' Nov 10 2005

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