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What Our Students Say They Love About Our Native Spanish Tutors

Key Benefits

''Gladys kept the language very simple initially and over-enunciated to ensure our ears got used to the sounds and nuance. '' Aug 16 2023

''Makes it fun, good sense of humor'' Aug 12 2023

''Glenys was especially great at offering corrections during conversation. I appreciated how much of a chance everyone had to speak, and with a big variety of asking questions, answering questions, reading what we’d written and revisiting last weeks lesson. '' Aug 08 2023

''Everything'' Jul 13 2023

''She was patient and explained things clearly to my daughter. Some of the exercises were also a lot of fun, such as describing or discussing celebrities or family members.'' Jul 10 2023

''Went through the exercises thoroughly, was encouraging, immersed me in Spanish during the whole session, was kind and engaging with lessons and feedback'' Jul 10 2023

''Adrian is fantastic! I think I probably would have quit trying to learn spanish by now if not for how patient, engaging, and gracious he is as a teacher.'' Jul 09 2023

''She explained things well and reviewed concepts that were hard to understand.'' Jul 06 2023

''Gian Carlo was attentive and creative in coming up with ways to make learning Spanish enjoyable and tailored to passions.'' Jul 04 2023

''Excellent use of role playing exercises in Spanish to force students to use improvisation to improve conversational abilities. I also liked that we used the course materials for the most part, but the instructor was flexible and understood when it made sense to do something different.'' Jun 15 2023

''Got me to think and actually attempt to speak and communicate in Spanish'' Jun 01 2023

''She's very kind and patient in her approach!'' May 08 2023

''incredibly patient created exercises that allowed us to apply concepts while also deepening connections with our fellow classmates '' Apr 16 2023

''Adrian made this course fun and engaging. He is very patient, encouraged the class to practice and make mistakes and to practice more. He is a very patient instructor. I am looking forward to taking another class with him.'' Apr 13 2023

''Very patient and friendly'' Apr 13 2023

''Adrian was an exceptional tutor, so much so that all of his students are continuing classes with him. Adrian was very patient & personable, and established an intimate and fun class that all students looked forward to on the weekly. He promoted class discussion that was entirely in Spanish and his approach made all students feel at ease & comfortable. I could not recommend Adrian more! '' Apr 13 2023

''Adrian is the best teacher I ever had. He is patient and attentive with every student.'' Apr 12 2023

''Taylored it to our particular needs, encouraged us to watch/listen to spanish outside of class for leisure.'' Apr 04 2023

''I really have enjoyed Patricia's energy and organization during the class. We go through the assigned topics, but there is room to talk and speak loosely too, which I like.'' Mar 21 2023

''Professor Adrian was great in answering questions! Very kind and helped me understand what i was doing!'' Mar 10 2023

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