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Key Benefits

SpanishBlackbelt is perfect for people who really want to learn Spanish but haven't had much success before. It's also great for those who need Spanish for traveling or work, for new students who want to learn but don't know where to start, for people who want practice that fits their needs, for those who forgot a lot since they last learned Spanish somewhere else, and for people who can read and write Spanish but need help speaking it better.

These testimonials attest to this...

''Gian Carlo is very supportive and enthusiastic, which keeps the class lively and the students engaged. He uses props and objects, which is very helpful for visual learners. He remembers a lot about each student so the examples he uses and the questions he asks are person-specific. He is very dedicated to our success!'' Nov 17 2023

''The tutor ensured understanding of difficult topics by utilizing familiar concepts or tools relevant to the lesson. He also always took time to clarify a concept if there was any confusion.'' Nov 14 2023

''She made an extra effort to cater the sessions to the needs of my Spanish for purposes of helping my patients. She found special vocabulary words to help me expand my medical vocab. She was always kind and friendly and let me know interesting cultural tidbits.'' Nov 03 2023

''Glenys is an exceptional tutor! She is very knowledgable and patient. She makes the material easy to understand and applicable to my objectives for learning Spanish. '' Oct 23 2023

''Keeping us engaged and focused'' Oct 17 2023

'' A mix of conversation and grammer. Kept us on certain areas until she felt we had nailed it. '' Oct 13 2023

''Glenys is very personable, cares about us as a class, is prepared. She sees what our strengths and weaknesses are as a group and modifies as needed. She is very patient. She incorporates videos and a few extra activities that support and strength the SBB program. She is very flexible with scheduling. I like Gleyns! (To note: In #15 I just said "about the same" as it has been years and years since I took a class. Those were in high school and college. So it's really comparing apples to oranges.'' Oct 12 2023

''She was very cheerful, energetic and encouraging'' Oct 10 2023

''He provides great feedback and is very encouraging.'' Oct 05 2023

''Explained nuances between words and phrases across countries, situations and ages. '' Sep 24 2023

''Personable, adjudt lessons to my interests and goals'' Sep 24 2023

''Gladys was so great at prompting conversations so that I would practice more conversational skills. It was so nice to take small breaks from the instruction and practice my skills in a realistic way.'' Sep 19 2023

''He spent time learning about each of his students individually, and then asking us customized questions. As a teacher myself, getting to know your students is one of the most important things to promote learning. He was also very complimentary and corrected our errors gracefully and gently. Lastly he was very enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy teaching us. '' Sep 13 2023

''Gian Carlo made learning Spanish fun and created an environment that encouraged participation. He provided real-life applications to everything that we were learning and was able to make a connection with the entire class, promoting the desire to learn and grow together. He is the best Spanish tutor I've ever had, and I look forward to continuing my Spanish journey with him leading the way!'' Sep 05 2023

''Extremely patient and doesn't mind he is asked to explain the same thing multiple times.'' Sep 02 2023

''Always corrected my pronunciation, which is helpful. Give me spellings of ne vocabulary. She had good resources and new study methods that really worked for me.'' Sep 01 2023

''Very supportive - made you feel comfortable taking risks and not being afraid to make mistakes. Very knowledgeable - able to explain tricky concepts well. Very well prepared for each session - no time wasted.'' Aug 31 2023

''Excellent tutor. Always pleasant, patient. Explained everything very well.'' Aug 20 2023

''Gladys kept the language very simple initially and over-enunciated to ensure our ears got used to the sounds and nuance. '' Aug 16 2023

''Makes it fun, good sense of humor'' Aug 12 2023

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